Invitation Cards
Posted by Kosmopolitan Weddings

When a couple plans to tie the knot, they have so many expenses to deal with, buying themselves a new home, buying wedding dress, arranging a wedding and also saving something for the future. In the midst of all these expenses, they have to deal with sending people invitations to the wedding too.

A wedding invitation is more than a card, it is a request to include someone in your celebration. So even though you would not like waste a lot of money on it, you can still make it special for your guests. Keep it simple but don't forget to add a touch of class in it. Remember that you have to make your guests feel special.

Wedding stationery does not really hold much importance in the whole wedding scenario and people usually tend to it in the end, when all the other expenses have been paid for. But nothing pleases a guest more than a beautiful invitation card. The more elegant it will be, the more impact it will have on your guests.

An invitation card can describe the theme of your wedding which will give your guests a perfect idea of how they should be dressed. But many people make the mistake of adding too much information in a card. The message in the card should be concise and simple, but also creative. Another mistake is to not review the card for any errors the printing press may have made.

Don't add too many colors in the card, use a decent color combination or pattern that pleases the eye and makes it look like a wedding invitation. Always remember, once the wedding is over, no one is going to keep your card with them, it is probably going in the trash so spend a carefully thought amount on it only.

There is a misconception which leads people to believe that a heavily decorated invitation card means that a couple has spent a lot of money on the wedding. Whereas a simple and printed invitation means they never cared about it and didn't really have much money to spend on the invitation cards.

Don't make the mistake of over ordering or ordering a less number of cards. Carefully make a guest list and review it twice or thrice. Be sure to ask other family members to check it too so that the guest list can be finalized. When you have an accurate guest list, then there will be no shortage of or excess cards.