Maternity Wedding Dress Tips
Posted by Kosmopolitan Weddings

Most brides have been dreaming about their wedding day for years. If you will be pregnant on your wedding day, you're wedding won't be altered as much as some people make out and you can still have the wedding you always wanted.

To help you look your best we have put together some very useful tips to ensure you shine.

Your wedding dress style

Before you can decide what wedding dress style would work best for you, you need to consider how pregnant you will be on your wedding day. If you are only in the early days of your pregnancy you may not even need a maternity dress and may be able to get that dress that you have always had your eyes on.

It's a good idea to have a good dressmaker available in case you need any last minute alterations.

Avoid wedding dresses that have a tight bodice. Not only will it be restricting, unhealthy and uncomfortable, you will only emphasize your big middle.

The most fabulous wedding dress styles for pregnant women are empire line and A-line dresses, owing to their looser structure.

Enhance your pregnant body

Brides always look for a dress that enhance their natural assets - so that's what you should do!

If you have a great cleavage you might like to show it off. If you are considering a strapless or strappy wedding dress, be sure that you will feel comfortable not wearing a supportive bra. You might want a dress that has sleeves to hide any straps and in case you have gained weight in your arms during your pregnancy.

Choose your maternity wedding dress fabric well

You may have the same dress style but your dress will look, drape and feel very different depending on what fabric it is made from.

Good options for your wedding dress include:

silk wedding dresses for their soft feel and its connotations of beauty and class

chiffon wedding dresses for their floaty quality and elegance

lace wedding dresses for their feminine and vintage appeal

You can also find beautiful maternity wedding dresses in pure silk satin, woven silks such as tulle and organza, charmeuse, shantung, silk georgette, taffeta, crepe and velvet.

Choose your wedding dress colour

While the traditional colour of wedding dresses is white, representing purity and maidenhood, today white doesn't hold the symbolism it once did, and wedding dresses can be worn in many different colours.

Preferred colours come in natural shades such as ivory, champagne and light pastel colours. However for a bolder effect you may choose blues, pinks, red and even black.

If you still want a traditional maternity wedding dress but would still like to incorporate some colour, you can choose colourful accessories or flowers to create a more striking look