This ones for the Boys!
Posted by Kosmopolitan Weddings

When putting your speech together don't forget to add a few tasteful jokes. Be sure your guests will understand all your jokes and you don't offend anyone.

Here are some great ideas I found in the Toast & Speeches book.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the two most important guests who have made this wedding possible. Could you all please raise yours glasses…To American Express and Visa, without who we could not be here today

Marriage is a case of give and take. You give and she takes

I'll never forget the night I proposed to my wife, or the words I said "you're not, are you?"

Most men are surprised when they see the marriage certificate. There's no expiry date!

I'm sorry if I embarrassed anyone during the photo session. How was I to know what the photographer meant when he said, "A quick flash of the Best Man."

At the last wedding that I attended, when a woman in my pew went to communion she trod right on my foot. When she returned she said to me, "Did I tread on your foot?" thinking she was going to apologies, I said, "Well yes, actually you did". To my surprise she replied, "Good then this is my row."

Have fun with it boys.....