Making your Wedding Vows Personal
Posted by Kosmopolitan Weddings

Most couples see their vows as the most important part of their wedding day, which is why making them personal is very crucial.

Unfortunately, getting married in a church offers you less freedom to write your own vows than if you're getting married in a civil ceremony. For Anglican or Catholic weddings, you are required to perform a large part of the standard ceremony vows. Usually, the only part you're allowed to change is the 'obey' aspect and to opt for 'respect' rather than 'honour'. This will be at the discretion of your minister, who may help you re-write certain parts of the vows in line with the religious tradition in which you're marrying.

To personalize the meaning of the ceremony further, most couples marrying in a church like to choose special hymns or readings, or write their own prayers, devoting themselves to each other and asking for God's blessing.

However, in civil ceremonies and many other faiths, you have more freedom to write your own vows, you simply get the legal part of the ceremony out of the way and then, with the minister's approval, you can add or subtract lines from the service.