Rules for Brides & Grooms
Posted by Kosmopolitan Weddings
Bride's Rules

Be not only understanding that your fiancé is less interested in wedding planning than you are, but also accepting of it. This isn't so bad when you would probably reject most of his ideas.

Always respect your fiancé even when you may be feeling the most stressed out that you have ever been. Vent to him when you need to and keep communication open explaining to him how you are feeling.

Try and involve his mum in certain things of the planning which will make her feel special and may also help for different opinions.

Assign specific tasks for your groom to do. Delegate tasks such as the booking of the cars or band. Things he will enjoy doing.

It is important to accept that most men do not obsess over wedding details like women do. That is just the way it is so don't get frustrated at him. The simple truth is he is marrying you because he is in love with you.

Groom's Rules

No matter what you are doing during the organizing of your wedding do it gently. Weddings can be very emotional times for brides so always make sure you give her that support she needs.

Even if you manage not to get involved with anything else regarding the wedding, show interest in the Registry. You may not at all be interested but she may see it as building the life you are starting together. This means if you are not interested in the Registry you are not interested in her. So get in there and offer your opinions.

As a groom, just remembering what she tells you will go a long way. So if you can remember the timetable for the Photographer you will earn quite a few points.